5 things you should know about consumer behavior

In an increasingly competitive market, knowing consumer behavior is essential to ensure the success of a business.

It is also important to know basic data to know your client, such as sex, age, consumption habits and personal tastes that can influence, and much, their relationship with the brand.

In today’s article, we have selected 5 data you need to know about your consumer, so you can increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Consumer profile
The more information you have about your client, the more business opportunities you will discover. Therefore, do not stop asking these questions to your consumer:

Profile Data
Let’s start with the basics: How old is your client? Where do you live? Is married? He has children? They seem simple questions, but they can give your business some very good ideas. For example, if some of your consumers live or work in a certain city, it would still be good to open a subsidiary in that place!

Conocer a tu cliente

In addition to the general data, it is also important to have some information about your client’s consumption. How many times do you buy? With what purpose? Do you have a favorite product or service? Are you missing any products? Buy online? Do you prefer to pay by credit card or PayPal? These questions will help you understand the purchase decision process, and thus discover new business opportunities through consumer behavior!

Consumer behavior
What do you like? What do you work on? Do you have hobbies? What places do you frequent? These questions are aimed at knowing more about the personal tastes of the consumer, what he does in his spare time, the places he visits and the activities he performs … All this can increase your brand presence in the consumer, creating opportunities for purchase and consumption At different times.

conocer a tu cliente

Purchasing power
Do not advance anything to offer a perfect service if the price is too high for your audience. However, the opposite may also not work: consumers tend to distrust very good products at very low prices. Ideally, know how much your customer is willing to pay for a particular product, so you can set expectations and sell more.

Customer satisfaction
Last but not least, it will be knowing if your consumer is satisfied with the product or service. Understanding the reason why you would continue shopping or not will be essential to adjust and improve your services according to consumer expectations.

estudio de mercado

Market study
To answer all these questions, and to get the right knowledge of consumer behavior, the best procedure is to do market research. Do not think that this is very complicated and expensive, today there are many ways to do quick studies and at no cost to meet your client.

If you prefer a physical material, you can print small questionnaires in Flyer format, so that your consumer responds when he is in the establishment, for example.

Online or physical, you should not create a very extensive form or with very difficult questions. Nor do they require very complicated answers. Questions with multiple choice answers are the best!

comportamiento del consumidor

You can also give a prize to encourage people to participate in the study a raffle for a shopping voucher, a discount on a product, a promotional gift …

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