The importance of commercial monitoring in business growth

The most important thing in every company is to have customers, customers are the most precious asset in companies, many companies know the importance of having a diversified and good client portfolio. And to build a database we must focus on referrals, known people, companies visited at fairs, trade missions, directories, etc.

The first thing we have to take into account is the sending of email, after reading it leave a space of 2 days, after which we call the company to make a meeting and offer our products and services.

Tracking business is as important as the product or service itself and not getting customers will be useless for the growth of our portfolio.

They say that there was a request for a quote from 10 manufacturers and then I show the results:

A manufacturer informed by email within 2 hours that he was working on the budget and would send it to me shortly.

In total 6 manufacturers sent a budget.

4 gave no signs of life.

3 manufacturers called to get more information before submitting the quote.

The same manufacturer who had notified by email within 2 hours called me to be interested if I liked your budget.

No other manufacturer called or sent a follow-up email. Definitely the one who got the job was the manufacturer who notified in a short time.

90% of the companies do not carry out any type of follow-up and because of what is read above, the businesses work. The commercial advantage of good monitoring will allow us to quantitatively estimate the income of a company, as sales you will get, take note that the estimate is only subjective, finally the mere fact of calling does not assure us of commercial success.

I note that if the company denies us the meeting or the business agenda, it will not be to collapse upon receiving a NO, remember that the No is to the company and what we must do at that time is “turn the page” and continue Go ahead with our Commercial Plan.

When organizing a business agenda, the commercial follow-up will be the point or tool for the meetings, the tenor or the message we transmit must be clear and direct. Many companies win them and do not respond to their emails due to lack of time basically, the famous “day to day”, that is why we must take the initiative, making calls, make our follow-up tables.

Commercial follow-up or post-sale is the ideal method to achieve commercial success, commercial communication has to exceed customer expectations, companies must do their utmost and be part of this type of activities daily plan.

Once the first commercial contact has been made with our client, the next contact is very important, being able to be a call or a visit making it shortly so as not to wait any more days of preference in a week. Do not put pressure on the client, since many of them are not interested at first but can then send them a new meeting agenda.

Some flat companies do not want to have any commercial contact if it is possible to know the reason well otherwise let it go until another opportunity. The follow-up will help us to gather information to be at the moment of the decision. Sometimes our mail or call falls at the precise moment they seek our services, remember that currently the companies “look for customers” do not wait for little sit-ins to come to them.

Good follow-up is essential for the sale if we do not show interest in the customer, because they should be interested in us. A customer can easily forget if we are not reminding him of our services, commercial monitoring goes through the following stages:

Events (business contacts, presentations, meetings, etc.) Calls (prospecting, follow-up, after-sales) Visits (prospecting, follow-up, after-sales) Demonstration (follow-up, sale) Offer (budget, personalized offer)
Closing of sale (sale and collection) Post sale (keep in touch)

A lot of empathy also plays well with our client and so it is a human factor the company that is in charge of one of its strengths is “Service Aptitude”

It is said that the odds of closing a sale is as follows:

25% Detect needs 50% Present a solution to the client’s needs 75% after the negotiation phases 90% after the presentation of our 100% personalized proposal after signing the contract or order.

In the current international trade situation, companies have the possibility of entering new markets even more when the commercial opening allows us to approach potential markets, this will be possible if; We managed to have a good commercial follow-up remember that many companies start from scratch.

Finally to have

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