How to make secure online purchases

Buying online today is completely safe. We just have to take some precautions and opt for the most appropriate payment method in each case.


Tune up your device before buying. It is advisable to have an antivirus installed to rule out possible viruses capable of collecting personal and bank information from the device. In addition, the software installed on the device must be updated.
Use a secure connection. Avoid buying using public Wi-Fi networks, since they offer no guarantee of security.
Find online stores whose address starts with HTTPS and displays a lock in the address bar. This ensures that the information transmitted is encrypted.
Check the information provided by the online store: who they are, where they have a tax address, what data they collect from users and for what purpose, payment methods they allow, shipping and return policy.
Ask about the store in search engines, social networks and forums. Checking what opinions other users have about it can provide a lot of information.
If you have doubts about the reliability of an online store, it is better to discard the purchase and look for an alternative.

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