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Frequently Asked Questions Section

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Are electronic cigarettes safer than smoking?

Yes. Experts say that, according to research done so far, electronic cigarettes are much safer than traditional cigarettes. Smoking is associated with a large number of health risks, not only for the smoker but for all the people around him. Therefore, changing tobacco for electronic cigarettes substantially reduces an even more serious health risk.

Is nicotine dangerous?

Nicotine does not cause smoking-related diseases, such as cancer or heart disease, but it is an addictive. However, there is a misconception about this issue: many people believe that they can overdose nicotine when using electronic cigarettes. However, it is impossible for you to be at risk of poisoning yourself, nor have there been cases of overdose by inhaling the liquid containing nicotine that is vaporized in an electronic cigarette, known as e-Liquid. So you can use your electronic cigarette as much as you need to help you manage nicotine withdrawal and the urge to smoke.

Do electronic cigarettes produce harmful chemicals or explode?

Algunos estudios han encontrado químicos en el vapor de los cigarillos electrónicos y se sabe que causan problemas de salud. Pero estos estudios se han desarrollado utilizando condiciones artificiales, y cuando se utilizan normalmente, los cigarrillos electrónicos de buena calidad (como por ejemplo: los cigarrillos no sobrecalentados) hay menos químcos dañinos presentes en el vapor con respecto al humo de tabaco. Si se sobrecalienta el e-Liquid tiende a producir un sabor ácido, desagradable- usted sabrá cuando esto suceda.

Which electronic cigarette should I start with?

This is a very personal choice. Refillable tank system cigarettes may take some time to get used to, but they allow you to use more flavors, and generally provide more nicotine than electronic cigarettes that look like tobacco cigarettes. Users tend to say that these types give greater satisfaction. Electronic cigarette retailers can give you advice and you can also chat with other users of electronic cigarettes in a range of online forums.

How should I use my electronic cigarette to help me quit smoking?

Using an electronic cigarette is different from smoking a cigarette. It usually means taking slower and longer puffs for a longer period of time. This is because electronic cigarettes heat a coil in a liquid (think of a heater). You may find that you need to take some puffs on an electronic cigarette at times when you would not have smoked, but there is nothing to worry about, and the way you use your electronic cigarette will develop over time. It is not like a cigarette, which is smoked from beginning to end. With an electronic cigarette you can use it once or twice, and then leave it. If you notice that you have it permanently in your mouth, you might need to use a stronger e-liquid.

Can I use electronic cigarettes in places where I can't smoke?

There are no laws that prohibit or restrict where to use electronic cigarettes. Some places, such as sports stadiums and most airports, do not allow vaping, however, there are others that do. If there are no notices indicating this then you should always ask. But it is good to be respectful when using electronic cigarettes when you are with other people, especially if you are not smokers.

Are electronic cigarettes cheaper than smoking?

Yes, and you will notice very quickly the savings compared to buying cigarettes. A beginner’s kit for tank-type devices can cost between $ 20-70 Dollars. Then you will only have to replace the atomizer (heating coil or “head”) occasionally for a couple of dollars and, more regularly, buy your e-liquid, which can cost between $ 3.00 for 10 ml onwards. How often you will need to change the atomizer, will depend on how you use the device, but typically it will be every two weeks or when it has a “burned” flavor or low steam production

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